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Our Company

Building Relationships

Our Status

Headquartered in Shanghai, CMS specialise in collaborating between different Chinese partners who each have their own specialty traits, whether it be casting, polishing or finishing.

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Our Partners

The difference in the investment from the Chinese to their committed level of execution, depends on the relationship (or guanxi) developed between the two parties. We don’t just build parts, we build partnerships!

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Our Customers

Our end customers are primarily Fortune 500 US and European commercial vehicle and construction companies who have entrusted us with their valuable programs for over a decade.

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Our Company Status

While our China sub office is in Shanghai, China we are a Tennessee, USA incorporated business and our new warehouse facility is located in Orangeburg, SC while we also have an existing 3PL facility in Morrison, Tennessee.


China Metal Solutions is your trusted partner when looking to outsource your metal manufacturing requirements at a lower cost, without sacrificing your accustomed to quality.


Our end customers are Fortune 500 US & European commercial vehicle companies who have trusted us with their valuable programs for over 15 years. Unlike other service providers we have teams of experienced bi-lingual foreigners and local workers working “on the ground” on factory lines doing the “hands-on” inspection and negotiating with factory management on your behalf.

Solutions Provided

The majority of CMS customers avail of the following services provided by our company.

Supply Chain Management Services0%
Outsourced Manufacturing0%
Quality Control Services0%

Our Team Of Experts

Simplify Outsourcing Management

Jonathan Egan
Founder / CEO

A native of Kildare, Ireland Jonathan graduated in Economics from Trinity College, Dublin an made the move to Taiwan to study Mandarin. In late 2004 he relocated to Shanghai, China where he first worked as program manager for an automotive trading company.


Over the following years Jonathan consulted for several companies in outsourcing their production needs to China improving product designs and capabilities while also providing outstanding costs savings. Jonathan developed an understanding of the engineering and resources required to get big projects off-the-ground. Generating and maintain trust on both sides is what keeps the Chinese vendor and Western Customer happy over the long run. In the 12 years spent living in China Jonathan has worked his Mandarin to fluency and has leveraged a formidable network of Chinese automotive suppliers becoming their exclusive agent to the US market.


In 2012 Jonathan set up China Metal Solutions (CMS) to provide a “turn-key” set of solutions for not just for product design, manufacturing and quality control, but also financing and supply chain management. CMS specialises in exterior decorative components for the commercial vehicle industry, and these parts have been assembled on millions of trucks in the US alone.


Jonathan has always been an active member of the Irish community in Shanghai and was Chairman of the Irish Chamber of Commerce (2013-2015) and was joint organiser and Chairman of the 2015 Asia Pacific Irish Business Forum (APIBF) in Shanghai.


Jonathan met his wife Alison in China, and the two now live in Chicago, IL with their 1 year old son Harry.


What does Partnership mean? In China, after the first factory tour and big lunch the next sit-down meeting generally looks at the vision of what two parties can accomplish together over the long-term.


“This vision needs to work both ways (Look to the Chinese saying 双赢 “Shuang Ying” Which means “double-win”): while you may look for the cheap labour and the inexpensive tooling costs, the Chinese want to see what their Western customer can bring to the table, e.g. the ability to open and develop markets, new technical ideas etc. The Chinese usually then show what resources they can devote to develop this new program from prototype to mass production.


“The difference in the investment from the Chinese to their committed level of execution, depends on the relationship (or 关系‘guanxi’) developed between the two parties.” says Jonathan Egan, Founder of China Metal Solutions.


China Metal Solutions has exclusive agreements with a small cadre of loyal suppliers who are interested in developing the US and European markets.


Recognizing that a commitment from both sides is necessary to support business over the long – term, in certain cases we are able to offer:

  • Free Mold provision on certain sizable projects
  • Extended payment terms to include product stationed in our US warehouse


This is our Competitive Advantage which most sourcing and broker companies cannot match, and that is what makes partnering with China Metal Solutions your best bet to succeed over the long-term.